NAK Education Consultants

Let us help you secure your future

NAK Education Consultants

Let us help you secure your future

NAK Education Consultants

Let us help you secure your future

Welcome to NAK Education Consultants

Welcome to NAK Education Consultants, where we provide professional help to students from around the world to build a better and brighter future. We have partnered up with some of the most prestigious universities in the UK for recruiting prospective students. Our goal is to guide students throughout the admission process with the assistance of our professional education consultants


Admission Services

Well-planned admission services for international students .

Compliance Guidance

Step by step guidance in visa processing .

Post admission Services

Our team will help at any stage of the course if needed .

Career Guidance and Counseling

Help students choose the right program that best suits their abilities.

Accommodation Arrangement

Accommodation arrangements at the most affordable prices .

Why NAK Education Consultants


Established for Over 10 Years


Located in the Heart of London


Over 30,000 Graduates


Supporting Students to achieve ambitions

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There are numerous intricacies while securing admissions in foreign universities. NAK educational consultants have human resources and links within academia as well various government offices to deal with issues like visa applications, personal statements and much more. Their team helped me to complete my documents, assisted me in writing applications etc. NAK educational consultants help you at every stage of your application. NAK educational consultants are best in the town..

Saqib Javed

I was so worried to secure my admission in foreign universities abroad. I was struggling to get information about admission deadlines and fee structure of various programs. I came to know about NAK educational consultants through social media. I contacted their team. Their team treated me extraordinarily well. Listened to my queries and responded comprehensively. They helped to figure out things. NAK educational consultants are the best.

Rack Paten

NAK educational consultants provide great and in time services to their customers. They provide you information about variety of universities across the globe and help you securing admissions in top-notch universities. If you are really concerned with your education, NAK educational consultants are the premium choice..

Arsl Peter